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A day of talks celebrating non-binary people in tech!

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28th July 2018

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About NBiT

Non-Binary in Tech is a free one-day event. It focuses on highlighting the amazing work of people who identify partly or solely outside of the gender binary in the technology industry—this includes designers, developers, artists and engineers (and plenty more awesome folks!).

NBiT aims to be an accessible event that is comfortable for everyone to attend. It will feature talks, panels and networking. The event is open to everyone! If that sounds interesting to you or you think you’d benefit from tagging along, we would love to see you!


The venue for the event is the lower floor of the Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre in Goldsmiths, University of London. The building is fully wheelchair accessible and has a gender neutral bathroom. The closest train stations are New Cross Gate and New Cross, we do not recommend bringing a car as it is hard to find parking in the area.


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Uve: Opening Talk

Welcome to NBiT

Franzi: Being a magical unicorn in tech - adventurous rides, cozy stables and fruitful meadows

Microaggressions, -isms, othering. Problems we encounter in society as marginalised people seem to be especially elevated in the IT industry. This talk discusses how we can stay our fabulous selves and thrive in careers that were designed to keep us out.

Chiin: Demystifying AI

“Industry 4.0”, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”, “Generalised Intelligence”, “AI Supremacy”…. Today’s media endlessly surrounds us with increasingly urgent and futuristic-sounding headlines about the paradigm shift that AI-driven transformation represents. But what’s the reality behind the hype?

Jess: Debugging your emotions - what to do when code makes you cry

Even in a supportive environment, making your tech work can be frustrating and painful. We’re often ill-equipped to deal with this, especially when others can seem to be always calm and measured. I’ll talk through techniques I’ve learned for getting to the bottom of your emotional reactions at work.



Jo: Interface Incantations

According to the witches of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, most magic is simply headology. This talk will mix literary references and outline the headology of interface design, from basic charms and illusions that fool and entice us to the unforgivable curses that can shape our thinking and behaviour.



Panel - Velvet ft Chiin, Franzi, Alice and CB

Empowerment - answering your questions

Uve: Closing talk

We don’t need to say goodbye
4.00 till 10.00

After party





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